Operational consulting and Wellness staff training

Wellness project tailor-made – Professional business settings – Professional staff – Satisfied guests

Employees, their knowledge and professionalism are an important part of every Wellness project. Wellness center is a skeleton, and its staff is a system that drives and gives daily life and positive energy to space, together they have the goal – a satisfied customer who will leave with the memory of an unforgettable and extraordinary experience.

At the stage of the conceptual solution, we begin with the elaboration of operating business settings – by creating programs, services … which must be in accordance with the study and business plan


  1. Creating an internal manual and Personnel Manual – according to the conceptual concept
  • Standards of operation, staff and guests
  • Rules of conduct for employees and guests
  • Work Plan for Employees
  • Guest Protocols (how to use the Thermal Zone)
  • Protocols for staff (VIP, rituals, room preparation, …)
  • Offering programs and services (massages, treatments, rituals, packages, fitness, …)
  1. Elaboration of programs and services for users – Wellness brochure (Spa Menu)
  • All for marketing activities
  • Appearance, Identity, Pricelist, …
  • Wellness etiquette
  • Signalization in space
  • Standards, hygiene, regulations
  1. Staff training – theoretical part
  • In house education
  1. Staff training – practical part
  • In house education
  • Introduction of Spa brands
  • Massage courses (according to program)

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