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 A short story for current fans and to be fans of the Wellness/Spa industry – By Sandra Skoblar – Croatian wellness consultant  12.02.2021.

Thanks to ”Studio Apostoli – wellness creators through architecture ” for publishing the story

Words that always bring a smile to my face, do people know how powerful they are?

Presenting Veda Wellness Counsuling at www.relaxadria.com– 2019 the theme of the topic “Wellness trends – Caravan Park Sexten”.

Veda Consulting for Wellness Projects. The first phase is a “Business Plan – Study” that allows us to create a planned Wellness-to-measure (Size, Zones, Content, …) and create a quality conceptual solution , all to avoid filling the remaining project space by plowing the sauna and the rest. Throughout the next stages of the main and implementation project, the elaboration of all details is followed. It is important that we have a “Team” that creates Wellness in accordance with the project through the support phase.